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 Pets Welcomed ?

Indeed most hotels in the US do not permit pets of any kind to stay as guests, but fortunately for all cat and dog lovers, there are exceptions. Pet friendly hotels lists all hotels in the US that allow pet owners to travel with their best friend. Please be aware that that additional charges may be applied by the hotel for accomodating your cat or small dog.

  Pet Travel Tips
  1. check airline pet policies before you purchase a ticket
  2. do a trial run, get your pet used to a car drive
  3. if using a carrier, put a worn t-shirt inside
  4. don't feed an hour before traveling
  5. check airline pet policies before purchasing a ticket
  6. bring a towel and baby wipes
  7. use an all natural relaxer to soothe your pet before leaving
  8. rest stops should be used every two hours
  9. take corners slowly when driving
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